Reflexology   $55.00 – hour appointment   

 What is Medical Reflexology? Medical Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the hands and feet which correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body.  By stimulating these reflexes ( applying an exercised pressure) using a thumb and finger walking technique, encourages improved instruction and persuades the body to correct, strengthen and reinforce itself to reach homeostasis.  By working on one part of the body ( foot area ) there is an exact mirror image effect, on another.

The goals of Reflexology are:

  • To Re-educate
  • To Re-pattern
  • To Re-condition the nerves through the neural/electrical system of the body

This will cause four reactions:

  1. To relax a particular area of the body through a highly specialized relaxation technique
  2. To improve nerve, blood and lymphatic supply
  3. To persuade the body to biologically correct itself
  4. To allow the body to reach homeostasis

Stress, which can be responsible for 75% of ailments can act like a tourniquet wrapping around the body restricting blood flow & results in an ischemic condition.  Since capillaries feed the functioning part of the body, we are only as healthy as our capillaries.  Reflexology is able to relax a specific area of the body enough to improve the blood supply to that area.  This allows better transportation of the nutrition, glucose and oxygen the body needs to function.

The body is highly intelligent and knows what to do, how to circulate blood, how to maintain health.  Reflexology simply facilitates the different processes when a problem arises due to a person’s lifestyle.


* Reflexology cannot cause health problems.  It does not increase, decrease, replace, move a body part, create a condition, make a condition worse or over-stimulate the body’s functioning ability.

* Reflexology is not massage therapy

* Reflexology is a safe, no-risk, non-invasive therapy with absolutely no medical contraindications.

*Reflexology is a unique modality in the health field and its purpose is not to treat or diagnose any specific medical disorders, but rather to promote better health in the same way an exercise or diet program does.

Reflexology allows the body to self correct.  Every time a person has his/her feet worked on it is an examination, an evaluation, or a re-evaluation.  The entire foot is assessed and whenever a (sore) spot shows up, more time is spent on that area of the foot. By working on that area, the corresponding part of the body receives improved nerve, blood and lymphatic supply.

A Reflexologist does not just see the hands and feet of a client; they see the entire body with the 12 systems mapped out in the hands and feet.

*Cardio-vascular           *Central nervous          *Digestive          *Endocrine          *Immune          *Lymphatic          *Muscular          *Reproductive            *Respiratory            *Sensory            *Skeletal            *Urinary

          What to Expect During a 50 Minute Session:  You will relax in a LaFuma zero gravity reclining chair.   Warm towels, organic jojoba & essential oils are applied to feet.  A Dr. Riley’s Drummer electrical percussion tool is used to assist in relaxing the feet   Certain areas may feel sensitive, but this decreases as you begin to relax.  Adjusting the pressure often halts any ticklish sensations.

Some of the Ways You May Benefit:

  • Relief of stress & tension
  • Reduction of pain
  • Better sleep
  • Relief of headaches and migraines
  • PMS
  • Better digestion and waste elimination
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    Deborah Rockwell, RRP is a graduate of the International Academy Of Medical Reflexology, which is certified as a private licensed school by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education.